After spending a decade as a couples therapist, I was disturbed by a statistic that says couples take up to six years after problems start to get help. What I knew was six years is too long as these couples came into my office worn out, stressed and struggling.

I found myself thinking, “It doesn’t have to be this way.” I wanted couples, just like you, to get life-changing information years earlier. So, I designed Relationship Reset to give you everything I wish my clients had known before they came to see me. I want you to become an expert on your own relationship.

Relationship Reset reveals the secrets to becoming a better couple through exposing valuable information from current research and identifying critical insights that make relating easier.

Crafted specifically for all couples, Relationship Reset focuses on making committed relationships last by offering simple and essential skills in an interactive format. Whether at the beginning of your union or well down the road, this book will revolutionize your relationship!

As a thank you, the first 100 people who buy my book will receive a second copy for FREE, to give to their partner, friends or family members. Furthermore, if you order the book before the end of September, you could win a 1-on-1 Relationship Reset virtual session with me.

Until we meet again — Love each other well,

Jen Elmquist