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Jen Elmquist, MA, LMFT is a relationship specialist with a background in communications, media and marriage and family therapy. Her work includes teaching, training, coaching and therapy in clinical, corporate and educational settings.

She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an Adjunct Faculty member at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Graduate School of Health and Human Services, an American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Nationally Approved Supervisor and currently serves clients out of her consulting practice, The Relationship Studio.

Jen has been married to her husband, Jess Elmquist, for over 25 years. (Teaser: You can read their story in the conclusion of the Relationship Reset book) Jess is an executive, master teacher and coach with over two decades in the field of Human Relations. Currently, Jess leads as CLO and EVP of HR for LifeTime, A Healthy Way of Life Company. Jess’ experience in education is vast, and he is a known innovator in his field with cover stories in both CLO and Forefront magazines.

Jen and Jess present together at Relationship Reset Live Events, bringing the insight of a couple to couples as they encourage and challenge them to love each other well. With Jen’s specialty in couple’s therapy, Jess’ expertise in adult education and together, their understanding of “for better or for worse”, they create a best in class experience.

To date, they have raised and launched two fabulous adults and still have two adorable puppies at home. Residing between Chanhassen, MN and San Diego, CA, you will often find them on or near a body of water; with people they love, having a good drink and a great conversation.

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Relationship Studio

The Relationship Studio is the brick and mortar private practice that provides relationship enriching coaching, consulting services, and live events.

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“When relationships are working well, life is great.
But when they aren’t, every part of our world suffers. Because Relationships Matter—Your Relationships Matter.” —Jen Elmquist

Relationships Matter: Taking Charge of Your Life
Relationships Matter: Taking Charge of Your Life

It is undeniable that from the moment we are born we are in relationship. Relationships develop us, define us, can distort us and ultimately, direct us throughout our life journey. During this “TED-type” talk you will be entertained, inspired and motivated to understand how your most critical relationships are affecting your life today. And, in the end, what you can do to make your relationships work for you in the future.

Through this talk you will identify:

  • How your relationships have developed, defined, distorted and directed your life.
  • What the circle model of relationships can teach you.
  • Why you need to become more conscious of relationships and their impact on your life.

Delivery: Relationships Matter is a 30-minute talk appropriate for personal and professional growth in any organization or community.

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Transitions: Making it through Life’s Changes
Transitions: Making it through Life’s Changes

To live is to change. However, the process of changing, referred to as transition, is often uncomfortable and difficult. One of the most helpful ways of accepting the process of transition is by seeing the “normal” experiences that occur. Much like Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ model of grief normalizes a framework for the course of loss so does Wiliam Bridges three-phase model of transition normalize a framework for our experiences during change. Through this viewpoint, you will develop a deeper understanding of change and the powerful purpose of transitions in your life.

Through our time together you will:

  • Understand how to walk through change rather than sabotage or divert the process.
  • Explore time-tested teachings on transition and apply this model to your personal experiences.
  • Benefit from a collaborative environment to discuss and learn from collective experiences with transition.

Delivery: Transitions can be presented as a 1-hour talk or a half-day working session.

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Three Things You Need to Know for Life, Labor and Love
Three Things You Need to Know for Life, Labor and Love

Three Things You Need to Know is all about Living Your Best Story. Over the course of our time together you will become conscious of the stories you are living and aware of your ability to write a better story through shifting your personal and professional relationships. Although your personal and professional lives often appear separated by title, you are the same person in each place, just playing different characters. Because you are the same person, you bring to both lives the same thought patterns, values, beliefs, actions, and reactions. Through understanding how to assess and modify your personal and professional experiences, you will step into the powerful ability to turn any relationship around and live your best story.

After our time together you will:

  • See relationships with yourself, others and the world around you in a new light.
  • Have the power to change your experiences in relationships.
  • Leave with the personal tools you need to create durable relationships and effectively Author Your Best Story.

Delivery: Relationship Power is a working 1-3 day seminar that can be adapted to the needs of your organization or community.

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Relationship Reset: Secrets From a Couples Therapist that will Revolutionize Your Love for a Lifetime
Relationship Reset: Secrets From a Couples Therapist that will Revolutionize Your Love for a Lifetime

Successful intimate relationships are critical to our well-being in life. When they are working well, life is great. When they are suffering, our whole world suffers. After over a decade practicing and teaching couples therapy, Jen Elmquist identified three critical lessons that are essential to every great, lifelong couple relationship. In this informative talk, she gives an illuminating overview of her in-depth process for couples, as outlined in her book Relationship Reset. Come and learn what every couple needs to know to create a revolution in their relationship.

Following this talk you will understand:

  • What is “normal” in every couple relationship and how these issues can cause you problems if you are unaware of them.
  • How to impact your relationship for the better without your partner’s help.
  • What research tells us helps couples stay strong and connected over the years.
  • What you can do to increase durability and satisfaction in your relationship.

Delivery: Relationship Reset is a one-hour talk that is supported by the book, online training and live events. This talk is appropriate for any organization or community that is looking to support and enhance couples relationships.

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Smart Girls Think: Believing in Your Beautiful Self
Smart Girls Think: Believing in Your Beautiful Self

Images–They rule the life of every adolescent girl. Proliferating social media they constantly tempt girls to second-guess their natural beauty and threaten their self-esteem. Yet, most pictures that girls aspire to AREN’T REAL, creating an unattainable illusion of perfection. Jen Elmquist tackles this topic from the unique perspective of spending twenty years as a model and actress along with over a decade as a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist – understanding both the dark side of media images and the psychological impact on the development of young girls. Using her knowledge, she entertains and inspires girls to become critical consumers of images and in turn, see their true beauty within.

Following this experience girls will:

  • Understand the illusions that are used to “sell” beauty.
  • Gain insight into how they can think critically about what they see.
  • Learn powerful thought-shifting tools to help them stay true to themselves.

Delivery: Smart Girls Think is a 90-minute interactive presentation appropriate for girls 10-80 years of age.

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