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The Relationship Reset Love Revolution is an exclusive, best-in-class, five-star getaway that will leave your relationship feeling refreshed and renewed. Allow your relationship to flourish by getting away from your daily routine and focusing your attention on each other. By the end of this weekend you will go home wondering why you have never made space for your relationship like this before!

Leading this weekend is Jen Elmquist, author of Relationship Reset and her husband of 25+ years, Jess Elmquist, a CLO with over two decades as an executive coach and trainer. Together they will take you on a journey celebrating what makes a great relationship last through large group, small group and individual moments. In short, they will be with you every step of the way.

During this 3-day event you and your partner will gain:

Expert information on what makes relationships last.

Insight into what is “normal” in committed couple relationships.

Knowledge of current research on couple relationships and how it can work for you.

Essential life-tested tools that you will practice and then take home with you.

Simple ways to make your relationship easier and feel good.

Connection with like minded couples that are committed to making their relationship great too

Here is a sample agenda of the weekend, combining the art and science of a great relationship:

Swan Story Moments

Throughout the weekend you will hear inspiring stories from other couples just like you about the challenges they have faced and how they have stayed together.

Interactive Exercises

Each weekend is strategically packed with MindBenders that will stretch your relational mind and MuscleBuilders that will grow your couple skills.

Intensive Learning

The Core Elements are presented in a personal and applicable format, setting a baseline for what is “normal” in your relationship and how to troubleshoot your problems going forward.

Soul Session

Each weekend ends with a highly impactful reflection experience that your relationship will remember for years to come.

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